In Loving Memory: Virgil Monroe Oswalt

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Virgil Oswald of Monroe, IA.

After finally finding out what stage my dad was in we had realized he had suffered an entire year battling this without a diagnosis. Finally once we came to reckens with the truth of what was affecting him he was only with for three more months.

My dad was a very strong willed person. I’ve never seen him cry or be down about anything. He always kept his head high and never showed fear. He always told me things would be ok and even when I didn’t want to believe that he was right.

He was retired after working all his grown up life in Midlands Factory. This was after he served as a fire fighter in the United States Air Force and also served in the Korean War.

He loved his Nascar races and when I was little he was a very big Cowboys fan. He loved just sitting outside on the porch relaxing; and if he wasn’t doing that he was in his shed carving something new or cutting wood for a new project.

My dad has lots of talents to me. He could fix anything if you gave him a hammer. He had an awesome voice and loved to sing; plus he could put on one mean BBQ.

My dad was my EVERYTHING! I still to this day miss him and just wish he could give me a big bear hug and say, ‘it’s gonna be ok.’ He had a way of making people feel better and not worry. Plus what made him the most special was he really was a hero to me. He fought his battle and said to the doctor when he got his news of his cancer that he was going to see me graduate if it’s the last thing he does, well he watched me walk across that stage.

Because of him always telling me things will be ok, it’s really helped me get through life without him. I know everything will work out and I try to get involved and it’s my way of giving a big bear hug and saying it’s all gonna be ok.

I could go on forever about my dad because there’s so much more. I just wish he was still here to tell this story, but instead I will in honor of him. He was a great man, friend, hero, brother and DAD!

Survived by:

Ella McKinney-Wife

Carla Stanzyk-Daughter

James Oswalt-Son

Mary Shaw-Daughter

Debbie Wallace-Daughter

Nancy Griffith-Daughter

Sarah Shera-Daughter

Duane Oswalt-Brother

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