Tulsa Grant Works to Get Oklahomans Access to Screening

Giant colon at Tulsa race
Tulsa race committee

The Get Your Rear in Gear – Tulsa race committee is committed to fight colon cancer in their community.

In Tulsa, 2,884 patients who are at-risk and uninsured are going to have access to free colorectal cancer screening.  By partnering with Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Get Your Rear in Gear – Tulsa is making a direct impact on their community, and Oklahoma’s screening rate.

Currently only 59% of eligible Oklahomas are screened for colon cancer, and this grant ensures that those who are

Staff at race.

Ida Ivey with Morton at the Get Your Rear in Gear – Tulsa race.

underserved in the community will have access to preventative screening – further working toward the national goal of 80% by 2018. Morton Comprehensive Health Services is the largest Community Health Center (CHC) system in northeast Oklahoma, and has been serving patients for over 90 years. They serve the entire community, regardless of the patient’s insurance coverage, and have locations specific to underserved communities – providing better access to those most in need.

Through the grant, Morton will also be able to offer education and awareness information to patients most at risk and uninsured, along with referrals to Morton partner organizations who can provide additional speciality services and no-cost treatment when possible. They will also be able to provide screening information at community events and healthcare outreach programs, as they continue their efforts to provide screening access to all Oklahomans in the northeast part of the state.

Tulsa grant check presentation.

Get Your Rear in Gear – Tulsa grant check presentation to Morton: pictured are (l-r): Bob Hill; Cassie Clayton; Vickie Baker, M.D.; S. Savage; Rachel Lee and Ida Ivey.

For more information or to get involved in Get Your Rear in Gear – Tulsa, you can go to their event page.


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