Expanding colorectal cancer patient support

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Colontown Leaders at Get Your Rear in Gear

(l-r) Dennis Arrivillaga (caregiver), Diane Bendtsen (colorectal cancer survivor), and Barbara Waters (colorectal cancer survivor), all leaders in COLONTOWN, meet in the photo booth at Get Your Rear in Gear – Twin Cities in September 2017.

Colon Cancer Coalition and COLONTOWN collaborate to support cancer survivors and encourage early detection.

Colon Cancer Coalition partners with COLONTOWNThe Colon Cancer Coalition is excited to announce an official collaborative relationship with COLONTOWN®, a patient-led online community dedicated to patient, survivor, and caregiver support. This collaboration will help both organization expand our reach and better provide resources to the colorectal cancer patient and caregiver community.

If you’re aren’t familiar, COLONTOWN is an online community of more than 70 secret Facebook groups that specifically target colorectal patients, survivors, and caregivers. There are separate neighborhoods focused on patients with different stages of disease, the differing types of treatment, and special interests – such as CRC clinical trials, young-onset CRC patients, and local support groups. Every neighborhood is nurtured by a deputy mayor (or several), themselves living the experience.

As a part of the combined efforts, we look forward to having COLONTOWN volunteers be present at all of our 2018 Get Your Rear in Gear® and Tour de Tush® events  to share personal stories and tell more survivors and caregivers about the COLONTOWN online support community. Each of our events will also be shared within the COLONTOWN community.

“We are excited to enter into this collaborative relationship with COLONTOWN and develop a deeper relationship with an organization who understands the value of working together. Working smarter not harder to make a bigger impact,” says Anne Carlson, our executive director. “COLONTOWN is now the Colon Cancer Coalition’s national Survivor & Caregiver ResourceBy working with COLONTOWN as our go-to resource for patient support, we can better focus our attention on providing access to screening and early detection for this preventable cancer.”

“COLONTOWN’s community of patients and caregivers are passionate about helping others with shared experiences. By working with the Colon Cancer Coalition, we look forward to giving COLONTOWN members the opportunity to connect at events and expand our community,” adds Erika Brown, PALTOWN’s founding CEO, and “mayor” of COLONTOWN. “COLONTOWN is member-led, allowing individuals to connect in online communities organized around specific needs. Through this collaboration with the Colon Cancer Coalition, we look forward to introducing COLONTOWN to more patients who are seeking their own disease peer groups.”

COLONTOWN is part of the PALTOWN Development Foundation, to learn more or to join the online community, visit colontown.org.

More about the PALTOWN Development Foundation
PALTOWN focuses on delivering patient-driven community groups that provide authentic, safe environments for patients and caregivers where they connect, share, and discover new treatment options. Community members can become community leaders, and all members have the option of joining our “neighborhoods,” smaller groups that are built around specific experiences. For more information visit Paltown.org.

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