Our Story

In 2014 we celebrated the 10th annual Get Your Rear in Gear – Twin Cities, the race that started it all. The evolution of the Colon Cancer Coalition has taken us from one race in 2005 to a nationally recognized partner in the fight against colon cancer.

The 10-year milestone gave us the perfect opportunity to refocus the organization and recommit to our founding principles: education about the disease and encouraging early screening. As a member of the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (NCCRT), we have partnered with other like-minded organizations on the goal of increased colorectal screening rates to 80% by 2018.

Our signature Get Your Rear in Gear® races put us in the unique position of being able to fund this goal at the community level and invest in programs that will drive home the importance of screening. The survival rate for colon cancer is 90% when it is caught in the early localized stages. Unfortunately only 40% of cases are being diagnosed in this window. Our messages will continue to focus on early screening for survivorship. By focusing on the patient, and providing them and their families an outlet to tell their story, we are able to educate the community about the importance of screening.

We invite you to GET YOUR REAR IN GEAR. Volunteer to drive someone you know to their colonoscopy. Know your body and take notes when something isn’t right. Raise the red flag with your doctor when there is a problem and engage them to find the answers. Talk to your family about their medical history, not just for cancer, but also other gastrointestinal issues. Make a gift to the Colon Cancer Coalition to help us spread our message.

Most importantly, GET EDUCATED and GET SCREENED.

Join Our Movement

Today, survivors, family and friends across America are joining our grassroots movement to raise awareness and screening rates for colon cancer. We’re committed to empowering personal change on a national level by bringing understanding, raising awareness and eliminating fear of colon cancer.

“Get Your Rear in Gear” is bigger than just a message for colon cancer; it is a message for all of us to take action, lead longer and healthier lives, and when something isn’t right to get the answers we need.