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Stay fit at home with infants and toddlers


Involve your toddler in a workout routine

Parenthood is often the end of a commitment to fitness. Even if you’ve managed to maintain a habit, there will be days when getting out of the house is simply impossible. Your spouse is stuck at work, the sitter cancels and it’s too cold for a jaunt in the Burley. If, like many of us, your sanity depends on elevating your heart rate and burning a few calories, rest assured. There are ways to stay fit at home while teaching your kids important lessons about the value of exercise.

  • Options for Infants. Parents of babies often feel tethered to a schedule that does not allow for time at the health club. The best bet is a workout DVD. This is not rocket science but it works. Keep the DVD in the machine and ready to go. The set of a fitness DVD is not unlike the sets of most children’s programs, with energetic characters dancing to music and playing with brightly colored objects. Find age appropriate toys that look like the equipment used in the fitness video and let little ones watch and play along.
  • Toddler Intervals. A toddler’s brief attention span is perfect for mini workouts throughout the day. If they are learning their numbers, let toddlers count while you do sit ups. If they are learning letters, let them say their ABC’s to jumping jacks or spell out words while you do push ups one letter at a time. Studies show these brief bouts of physical activity can have just as much value as a dedicated hour in the gym and kids love watching mom and dad act silly while they practice their skills.

Many budget savvy exercisers and parents concerned about the spread of the swine flu virus are choosing to avoid the health club and exercise at home.  Use these tips to get moving and then check back to theGet Your Rear in Gear blog for more ideas about how to work out with the family.

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