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Jay Leno Brings Colonoscopies to a National Audience

Get Your Rear in Gear events help fund awareness and educational programs across the country, one of our awareness programs received national attention on Wednesday, March 30. It’s a good thing Get Your Rear in Gear is all about having fun. And any publicity is good publicity right! Enjoy!

jay-leno-headshotJay Leno brought the colonoscopy into a national spotlight as part of the weekly Headlines segment. Leno highlighted a colon cancer awareness ad placed by The Hansen Center in Indiana. The ad features two friends who scheduled their colonoscopies for the same day with the same doctor.

The awareness campaign, funded by the proceeds from the Southeast Indiana Get Your Rear in Gear, was placed in newspapers, on billboards, and banners throughout southeast Indian during Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March.

See Jay Leno’s Headlines from Wednesday night featuring the Get Your Rear in Gear colon cancer awareness piece for The Hansen Center. The mention happens about one minute into the segment. If you look closely you can see the Get Your Rear in Gear logo for just a moment. [Editor’s note, Feb. 2013: this segment is no longer available on Jay Leno’s website. But trust us! It was there!]

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