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By Amy Wenzel, Get Your Rear in Gear Communications Intern

Not feeling motivated to get your rear in gear because you’re sick of the same old workouts? Or maybe your just looking for some different workouts that you may never thought of or just never got around to? Well here are a few ideas that should put a new and exciting twist on working out and that will for sure have you off your rear!

Cardio Kickboxing: Blend athletic drills and martial arts to create an intense cardiovascular workout. A cardio kickboxing workout includes basic kickboxing moves such as bobbing and weaving, ducking, as well as punches and kicks. You get a complete workout all while having fun kicking, punching and moving. A great stress-buster, too.

Zumba: It’s a fusion of Latin dance styles, including salsa, mambo and cha-cha with aerobic/fitness interval training that creates a dynamic, exciting and effective workout that tones and sculpts. It is fun and easy to do and a great way to get your rear in gear without even knowing it.

Water aerobics: A series of aerobic exercises along with the use of water weights that takes place in shallow water and is a perfect workout for anyone. Any age or fitness level can get started. This workout forces the body to continuously move to keep balance and engages more muscles because of the water’s resistance, which means it causes very little stress on the joints but shapes and tones your body.

Hip Hop Cardio Dance: If you hate exercise but love to dance, this is for you. It uses hip hop dance moves and techniques while moving to the pumping rhythm of hip hop songs. It’s a total body workout without the feel of one.


Bosu ball workout:  A newer twist on step aerobics and balance exercises. It uses an inflated rubber hemisphere that is attached to a rigid platform. When the dome side is up, the device can be used for athletic drills and aerobic activities. When the device is flipped over so that the platform faces up, it creates intensity to your workout by creating instability. It’s a good workout without any complicated choreography.

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