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Warrior Wednesday: Jo-Ellen Corkery De Luca

Warrior Wednesday: Jo-Ellen Corkery De Luca

We honor an amazing woman today named…Ellen Corkery De Luca.  You will be blown away how a lovely woman changed this disease.  She has worked so hard over the years, and we think you need to know Jo-Ellen.

J0-Ellen was just like you and me.  She was living her life and pursuing multiple degrees in Massachusetts.  After teaching in high school, she became a development officer for a comprehensive development program for Hammond Castle Museum in conjunction with the Board of Directors and Charles Webb Company in New York.

Jo-Ellen continued on to be an influential person with the White House, leading two conferences on aging (WHCoA).  She organized and implemented a workshop for a Smoke Free South Carolina and Spartanburg Coalition for Better Health with nationally known speakers (from Johnson and Johnson to Levi Strauss) on Work Place Wellness.

Something changed in Jo-Ellen, she was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Here is what this warrior has accomplished since her diagnosis:

  • GI Patient Advocate, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System – 2002 to Present
  • Gibbs Cancer Center Clinical Research Department, Spartanburg, South Carolina.
  • Founder of Colon Cancer Solutions: bringing awareness of and practical solutions surrounding colorectal cancer issues, including survivorship and clinical trials. Nation’s largest GI Cancer Support Group, Get Checked!
  • Executive Director, Colon Cancer Solutions – 2007 to Present
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA), serves as a Patient Representative for Crohn’s Disease, and other Immune disease drug panels. Colorectal Caner.  MDR TB, Statistics, K-Ras Biologic Markers, medical devices, regulatory affairs…

2007:  1 ODAC Panel

2008:  3 ODAC Panel

2009:  4 ODAC Panels 2 GDAC & 2 ODAC

2010:   3 Panels 1 ODAC;  2 Medical Devices

2011: 1 panel to date: TB Medical Devices panel

FDA nominated to initial conference on MDR TB for C-Path and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 2009

  • National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship, (NCCS) active Super Advocate – 2008-present
  •  Legislative Advocate – lobbying visits to both home office and Federal Congressional visits to The Hill. Serves NCCS as grant reviewer to CPRIT & DoD
  • United Ostomy Associations of America: Representative to National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable – 2003-Present
  • NCCRT By-Laws Committee; Blue Star Marketing Committee

To date, Jo-Ellen has also been a:

  • Recipient of the national scholarship of the survivor to researcher mentor program sponsored by NCI, ACS & LAF
  • Member of the Year of Colon Cancer Expansion
  • Involved in created a video campaign for under-served populations, CRC, survivor awareness, clinical trials and colorectal awareness.
  • Member & steering committee member of the North Central Cancer Treatment Group
  • Founder of the Spartanburg Colorectal Support Group
  • Event Director of “Walk, Run, Cycle for Colon Cancer & Your Health” in Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Dialogue for Action participant
  • Fight Colorectal Cancer advocate since its inception
  • Research Advocacy Network
  • AIBS: DOD (Department of Defense) Peer review panelist
  • CPRIT Peer Reviewer 3 grant proposal cycles for the State of Texas, 2010

Jo-Ellen is a wonderful human being that also has supported Get Your Rear in Gear.  She never stops trying to figure out how we can change colorectal cancer.   The truth is…her list on working on colorectal cancer and volunteer opportunities in her community might make you travel hundreds of mile to meet Jo-Ellen.  The list goes on!  We have never seen a list like this one!!

Jo-Ellen has worked tirelessly to help people get their rear in gear.  It won’t surprise you that she serves on numerous boards in her community.  We are in awe of Jo-Ellen – our featured warrior this week. Please “put your thumbs up” today for Jo-Ellen!!

Our Warrior honored by Get Your Rear in Gear!

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  • It is 2020 now but I still love Y’All! Thank you for the praise!

    • Jo-Ellen C DeLuca says:

      I am so proud of your noticing me (Jo-Ellen DeLuca…my hub now passed away!- from colon cancer!) and to let you know I have my pitfalls with MY colon even now but still think of “Y’All” wherever you are and however we got to know each other and continue to fight our fight with colorectal cancers!
      God Bless each of you!
      Jo-Ellen Corkery DeLuca…Survivor of many years now…even tho it took my husband in 2012

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