Help increase screening and prevention for colon & rectal cancer.


Running long distance to raise awareness

Matt-Carrera-Race-e1318349063300It has been a year–long wait for Matt Carrera before he could run in the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon, but in January he completed his mission.

“It was a fun, grueling, family–supported event,” Carrera said.

Matt completed the 26.2 mile marathon in 4 hours and 50 minutes, despite his knee injury that took place in 2010. He kept a steady pace during his run, and as he approached the 22 mile mark his previous knee injury surfaced, but like many determined runners Matt didn’t give up: “I kept pushing through,”he said.

Prior to the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon, Matt raised $1,500 on his webpage for the Colon Cancer Coalition, and continues to run in hopes to find cure and increase knowledge about colon cancer and its prevention: “Early prevention is the key, and that knowledge must be made increasingly available to the at-risk public, and individuals in general,” Matt states on his fundraising page.

Matt’s father continues to undergo chemotherapy after being diagnosed with a stage-4 cancer one year ago, and is making slow improvement.  As for Matt, he doesn’t have any upcoming races that he is signed up for now; however, plans to run races “indefinitely.”

To find out how you can join Matt and other passionate individuals who fight to prevent colorectal cancer, visit the Colon Cancer Coalition’s website to learn more.

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