Help increase screening and prevention for colon & rectal cancer.


Excuse me, did you just say “Booty Ball?”

Why, yes we did say BOOTY BALL!


Kristin Tabor, Get Your Rear in Gear founder, circa 1985

Booty Ball
A Colon Cancer Coalition Dance Event
1. To swing the hips and buttocks with friends and family while having a thoroughly good time.
2. To raise awareness and funds for colorectal cancer education and screening advancement in the community.

Put on some good music, invite the public and raise funds for Get Your Rear in Gear.  And, just exactly what do you call it? Quite simply, it is the “eye-brow raising event “called the Booty Ball

Have we gone too far with a name like “Booty Ball” for an official Colon Cancer Coalition event?  We say “no!”  We were told by some people, we couldn’t call our race “Get Your Rear in Gear” – as it might offend someone.  That was back in 2004. We are glad we didn’t listen.

If the name gets people talking about colorectal cancer, then shock value is golden to the tongue. Both the Booty Ball and Get Your Rear in Gear events promote people being active v. sedentary.  And, both raise eye-brows and funds for colorectal cancer education and screening advancement.


This Thursday, January 26, the Twin Cities will be hosting its 3rd Booty Ball.  With Brat Pack Radio as one of the most popular Twin Cities bands playing and Jonathan Yuhas from KSTP hosting, the evening offers a load of laughing and fun.  Kick off the Twin Cities Get Your Rear in Gear event in May by shaking the booty with some of your team members or friends.


Rock Out to the Music of the 80s performed by Brat Pack Radio

Want to join the fun? The Booty Ball – an 80’s Party – is Thursday, January 26, at Bogart’s in Apple Valley, dinner starts at 6 p.m. Come relive the 1980’s, because if you graduated in the 1980’s, chances are you are past due for a colonoscopy or you will be due in less than seven years.

Can’t make it? Want to donate? Share your 80’s photo?
Join the fun off the dance floor!  Send your donation or photo to Amy Johnson via until January 26th.

Need ideas for your 80s outfit? Check out some vintage 80s photos now!


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