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Faces of Blue: David Mjelde

By March 7, 2012Faces of Blue

Written by son, David Mjelde
Susie Lindquist Mjelde’s youngest son

FOB-Mjelde_family-DavidMy name is David Mjelde and I am currently a junior at Mercer Island High School. It has been almost ten long years without my mom now, and I still remember the day she died vividly.

I had spent the night at my cousin’s house and was on my way home to see her with my aunt and cousin.  We stopped to pick up my aunt at the airport and made a quick stop to Target.  It was like any ordinary day until I got home.  The moment I got there, I could tell something was wrong.  Family members told me to find my dad and that is when my dad shared the news that she was gone. She passed away when I was seven. I felt confused and did not internalize the loss the same way my siblings who were much older did.

At first, it didn’t affect me that much as I was young and didn’t really know what was going on. Now that I am a little older it is harder for me as I realize that she is not going to be there for important events in my life. It is also getting harder to remember her voice, personality, and certain memories. Now I am asking myself the question, would it be better to have fewer memories and have her die or have more memories like my siblings and have her die? There is no easy answer to that question besides for what everyone would have wanted is more time with such an amazing person like my mom. No one would have wanted what happened, but since it has, I or anyone who has been dealing with the loss of my mom just has to “keep on, keeping on!”-Susie Lindquist Mjelde.

That’s the only advice you can give to anyone who has lost a loved one is just to keep on moving on, but never forget the memories with the loved one. I think the meaning of “Get Your Rear in Gear” is to strive for a good healthy life, get to the doctor when it is needed, and get colonoscopies. It means to make sure no one shares the same fate as people who have passed away from colon cancer, or even share the same fate of friends and families who have dealt with deaths from colon cancer.

Colon Cancer is preventable and if people can unite together and spread awareness, this disease can be stopped. My mom’s cancer has not only affected me but many people around her. She has created an impact in so many people’s lives that is incomprehensible. It has inspired me to carry on her legacy and live a better life!