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Faces of Blue: Brian Shelly

By March 24, 2012Faces of Blue

FOB-BrianShellyBrian Shelly is a friend and family member to someone who has been affected by the colon cancer.

In 2009, his brother-in-law expressed concerning symptoms to the family, which prompted a visit to primary health physician—he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Fortunately, the cancer was caught at early stages, and was surgically removed.

Brian’s brother-in-law recovered, he is healthy, and together they started first colon cancer racing event in Boston, Massachusetts. Together, they wants to express that early “screenings do save lives,” says Brian, and want to continue to pass that message, as well as provide support to those who lost family members to this disease.

Colon cancer impacts more than just a patient, it impacts those surrounded; but don’t forget, there are places and people to turn to for support and guidance.  To learn more about the Boston 5K race, please visit our events section.

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