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The Debbie Knot Bracelet by Candace Leigh

Update (October 30, 2012): Candace Leigh New York is currently revamping their online shop and the design for the Debbie Knot bracelet – in the meantime, 20% of all orders will be donated to the Colon Cancer Coalition. View her current offerings at Thanks Candace!

New York-based jewelry designer and boutique owner Candace Leigh has selected the Colon Cancer Coalition / Get Your Rear in Gear to receive thirty percent the proceeds from her new design the “Debbie Knot Bracelet.”

The bracelet was designed to honor Debbie DeVincentis, a close family friend, beloved wife and sister, and mother of 3 children who was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in 2005. “Debbie was full of life and inspiration,” said Candace. “She enjoyed expressing her creativity through painting, stenciling, and handmaid pieces.” Along with riding horses with her daughter, Debbie was passionate about religion and taught for over fifteen years. She loved giving back to her community and being a mother to her children. Sadly, after six years fighting, Debbie lost her battle with cancer and passed away in May of 2011.


Candace Leigh

Candace’s jewelry accurately reflects her bright personality and passion for fashion and by taking one look at her online boutique, it is not surprising that she has been interested in fashion since she was a child. Studying fashion at the University of Delaware, Candace was inspired by New York City boutiques to begin designing & crafting  her own jewelry. Her determination to intertwine design and business lead her to create her own online jewelry boutique.


The DeVincentis Family with Debbie, second from the right.

Although Debbie’s death was heartbreaking, it gave Candace the urge to follow Debbie’s example by giving back to the community through her passion for jewelry. In addition to creating “Team Debbie” for the Get Your Rear in Gear – New York on June 10, Candace added the Debbie Knot bracelet to her boutique selection, which is tied into an infinity knot. Candace explains, “To me, an infinity sign signifies having no limit. Debbie fought her battle for many difficult years, and her strength through it all was truly inspiring. The purple Swarovski stone is also personal to Debbie she loved Swarovski crystals and purple was her favorite color.”

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By Allie Davis, Get Your Rear in Gear contributor

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