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Lynsie and Sam Daily

By Tara Orme, Get Your Rear in Gear contributor

Newlyweds Lynsie and Sam Daily wanted to do the traditional Dollar Dance* during their wedding reception on May 18, 2012, but didn’t feel comfortable having their guests give them more money for their wedding. “Our DJ had suggested we donate the money to a special cause, and Sam and I knew we wanted to donate the money to a colon cancer organization, because it had affected us and our family so deeply,” wrote Lynsie in an email to the Colon Cancer Coalition. Her mom, Brenda, had been diagnosed with colon cancer in January 2011.

Lynsie and Sam received $328 from the Dollar Dance and chose to donate their money to the Colon Cancer Coalition. The Get Your Rear in Gear – Twin Cities was just two days after their wedding so it was a perfect fit! “Last year after my mom was diagnosed, we wanted to be a part of colon cancer prevention,” Lynsie said. “We started Team Semicolon for my mom and those affected by colon cancer. I was the team captain and asked people from all facets of our life to join the team.” Lynsie and Sam have participated in the Get Your Rear in Gear Run/Walk for the past 2 years and hope to continue for many years to come.

Lynsie and Sam Daily live in Elk River, MN, with their two dogs, Skeeter and Lily. Lynsie, 25, just completed the elementary education program at the University of Minnesota. Sam, 28, works for the City of Minneapolis Water Department.

* Dollar Dance: a series of songs where guest ‘pay’ for the chance to dance with the bride or groom for a short time, the money is traditionally used as spending money on the couple’s honeymoon or to help with wedding costs.

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