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Granting small gifts for Caregivers

Colon Cancer Coalition

Applications for colorectal cancer caregivers being accepted through November 30.

“Just to get away.”

“Cover unexpected expenses on a one salary income.”

“To be able to have one nice meal out on a good day.”

“A day at Disney for one last memory with the kids.”

 “We will need funds for bereavement counseling for myself and our daughters, ages 7 and 10, after my wife passes.”

These are excerpts from just some of the over 40 grant applications that were funded by the Tony Snow & Betty Jo Caregiver Fund in September. Most applications were nominated by colorectal cancer patients who wanted a way to give care to their caregiver. The grants provide the possibility of one moment of peace, fun and wellness happen during times of impossibility.

For Angela Harlan, a recipient of a grant in September, her caregiving began at a time when stress of planning a wedding should be the caterer or the photographer, not your fiancé’s health.  Angela and J.R. were making wedding plans in 2002 when J.R. was diagnosed with Stage III colorectal cancer.  First came love, then came surgery, chemo, radiation, marriage and J.R. with the baby carriage.  Not exactly the way most of us learned the nursery rhyme.  For the Harlans the baby carriage did arrive with a set of twins (now 10), but along also came the re-occurrence of cancer in 2007, a progression of the cancer to Stage IV.

Angela (left), JR, their twins and some extended family in 2011.

JR-Thumb2“Team JR Superman” has triumphed with their challenges over the years.  Angela attributes the ability to touch hundreds of people, including the Get Your Rear in Gear – Indianapolis community, “simply due to the size of JR’s heart.”  With the grant from the Tony Snow & Betty Jo Caregiver Fund, Angela and J.R. were able to make some lasting memories on a recent family trip to San Francisco.  “We are so very, very thankful that we have the extra money to help us make memories.” (Read more about the Harlen’s story.)

Applications for the second round of grants are being accepted November 1-30. Approved applicants will be notified by December 13. Help make a difference this holiday season for a caregiver like Angela.  Or nominate a caregiver you know. Applications must be received by November 30 to be eligible for this round of awards.

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