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In Loving Memory: Bruce Fyfe

Survived by: Wife, Candace Fyfe, Mother, MaryAnn Fyfe-Shapiro, Sister, Mary Heather Fyfe, BFF’s, Jennifer, Riley, Sheila and Country Jim.

Bruce Fyfe, Fort Worth, Texas

Bruce Fyfe, Fort Worth, Texas

Bruce was a prosecutor for the Tarrant County DA’s Office. He loved his work and he loved his work family. Bruce was a lover of comic books, our dogs, his roses and UT football. He was the most courageous man in the world.

Bruce fought for five years to survive this horrible disease and lost his battle December 2010. He never gave up hope that they would find a cure, which would allow us to live happily ever after just like the fairy tales predict.

Bruce loved life and he loved his friends and family so much. Bruce was the most wonderful husband in the world. He made me laugh even up to the end. He was a gracious man who always said thank you even when being poked and prodded by the nurses and doctors. He always said that he stayed around because he did not want to leave me and it was the hardest thing to do saying goodbye. He left his mark on so many people and he will be so dearly missed by everyone he met. I loved him and he loved me so much. He was my boo-man and I was his boo-bear.

Bruce would make you laugh no matter what was going on. He had a way of taking his humor “over the line” as his BFF Jennifer would say. It was sometimes wrong, but it was always hilarious. Bruce was involved in Big Brother/ Big Sister Program. Bruce was a big brother to Chris for many years.

He was my heart, my soul and my inspiration for living. He never gave up. People say that marriage is hard; you have to work at it everyday. He made it easy and he made it fun. Loving him and marrying him was the best decision I ever made. He made sure that I was loved every single minute of every single day. We were married for two years and together for three years and it was the best years of my life.

Bruce always said that you find out who your friends are when it really matters. Bruce did not know how many friends he had until he was told he had cancer. He loved his friends and his life so much. He knew how to love. He was wonderful. He was my best friend and a best friend to so many people. He was brave, hard working, loyal, and loved.