Help increase screening and prevention for colon & rectal cancer.


Sufferfest imageYou have never seen “suffer” like this before! This Sunday several men and women will gather to take on “the most exciting cycling training videos in the world” to become the coveted title of Knight of Sufferlandria.

Commonly known as “The Sufferfest”, this 10 video challenge simulates a real life cycling race similar to the Tour De France. Each video ranges from 45-70 minutes in length and the real challenge of these videos is their intense interval tests and ten minute breaks in between each video.

This challenge does not require one person to complete the challenge, “…Others will be participating by riding anywhere from 1 – 5 videos, as well as a couple of teams, and groups of riders splitting the videos among their team-mates.” Says Jennifer Ashbrook, who is organizing the Knights of Sufferlandria Challenge.

If all 10 videos are completed you will be earned the title of Knight of Sufferlandria, however, you can still finish 1, 3, 5, or 7 videos and still earn a title.

Inner DriveJennifer Ashbrook, owner of Inner Drive Fitness, is organizing the event, is definitely no stranger to colon cancer. As a child, she had lost her mother and many years later her brother, Tony Snow. Jennifer knew she had to do something to honor her mother and brother. That’s when she created the Tony Snow & Betty Jo Caregiver Support Fund through the Colon Cancer Coalition.

The Knights of Sufferlandria Challenge is to help raise money for the Tony Snow & Betty Jo Caregiver support fund, which supports families and caregivers with loved ones who are battling colon cancer.

For more information on the  Tony Snow & Betty Jo Caregiver Support Fund, visit their page on the Colon Cancer Coalition website.

Make sure to also check out Inner Drive Fitness for more information on the event.

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