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Physical activity can lower colon cancer risk

You’ve heard it all before…

…Get off the couch.

…Exercise is good for you.

…30 minutes at least 3 times a week.

Many studies and noted health organizations (examples herehere, and here) are making the connection between exercise and a reduced the risk of developing colon and other cancers. Colon cancer risk has been shown to be reduced by 20 percent in people who exercise compared to those who don’t. Exercise can also speed recovery times and increase life expectancy for those who have been diagnosed and gone through treatment for colorectal cancer. 

So how do you get started?

  • Park at the back of the parking lot instead of finding the spot right by the door.
  • Walk or bike to the store instead of driving.
  • Enlist a friend to go walking with you during lunch.
  • Use hand weights or do light exercises while watching your favorite TV program.
  • Do a quick office workout to get the creative juices flowing at work.
  • Sign-up for a Get Your Rear in Gear event near you, then download our Couch to 5K Training Program to get you ready.

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  • Sandy Roberts says:

    Is there anything in the works for Wilmington North Carolina or even Myrtle Beach South Carolina or any town in betweer..Great little cities in that costal area that I feel certain if approached they would become active event partners.

    • Erin Peterson says:

      Hi Sandy – I think the closest would be Raleigh, but nothing along the coast until Savannah. If you know of anyone who would be interested in starting a race in the area please let us know.

  • jona says:

    The information provided in this blog is very beneficial. I am a colon cancer survivor….

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