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In Loving Memory: Kathy Scales

Kathy Scales of Westwood, MA

Our mother was the most selfless person I’ve ever known. She always had a smile and a story to share- making everyone who encountered her to feel at home and comfortable. Her natural way with children was something that she will forever be remembered for. She was an amazing daughter, wife, mother, and teacher and is greatly missed every day.

Our mother truly appreciated the gift of life. Her faith and positive, upbeat nature were the characteristics that stood out most– and throughout her battle, prevailed in the face of adversity.

Whether she took on the role of wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, teacher, mentor, neighbor, or friend, my mother always made her life about others. She loved spending time with her family, knitting, sewing, reading. She had a gift of working with children and people in general, finding humor in life, accepting everyone into her life, making those around her feel comfortable

The hardest experiences are often the ones that teach us the most; one lesson our mother undoubtedly reminded us of through her battle was to live life to the fullest, filling every day with laughter, love, and family. Even through her most difficult days, my mother found no greater joy than being with her family and the ones she loved.

Having survived six years of procedures, surgeries and treatments– outliving doctors’ expectations by four years– she showed us what being strong was really about; she taught us to fight a little harder– to push ourselves when we think we can’t give anymore. Our mother’s battle has motivated us to try to make a difference in other peoples’ lives- to continue the fight that she started.

Survived by:

Mother: Mildred Moclaire; Husband: Richard L. Scales; Children: Richard M. Scales, William D. Scales, Kathleen M. Scales, Sarah E. Scales, Ryan R. Scales, Kerri L. Scales, Margaret J. Scales, James W. Scales; Grandchild: Sean T. Scales


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