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In Loving Memory: Lynsay Nieman

Lynsay and Jager.

Lynsay was diagnosed with stage III mucinous adenocarcinoma of the colon in February 2006, an unexpected diagnosis for a 23 year old. Her “Fear Nothing” attitude to beat this disease included four major surgeries to remove the cancer, and she tried five different chemotherapy regimens (including a clinical trial). Lynsay never gave up. After 28 months of unending strength, Lynsay gracefully accepted the news that this disease would soon take her life. Lynsay passed away on June 22, 2008. She is now cancer and pain free! Something she certainly deserves.

Although Lynsay’s presence on earth is greatly missed, her calm spirit, kind heart, amazing smile, friendship, and many other wonderful traits continue to live in the hearts and minds of the lives she touched. Lynsay continues today and always to be a beautiful inspiration to all of us.

All Lynsay ever needed was hope…she found comfort in hope.

HOPE…for her family and friends’ happiness and health
HOPE…the next round of chemo goes as well or better than the previous
HOPE…the next appointment brings better news
HOPE…that she could beat the disease called cancer and return to school to become an Oncology Nurse
HOPE…her cooking didn’t scare away her friends
HOPE…her friends loved and respected her as much as she did them
HOPE…she would feel well enough to see an upcoming movie premier
HOPE…Macy’s would be having a sale on her good week of chemotherapy
HOPE…that someday that her experience would be able to help others
HOPE…that she would soon be able to enjoy a Miller Lite
HOPE…that heaven would smell like “roses and chocolate”…and in true Lynsay fashion…
HOPE…that she would regain strength so she could go shopping to pick out a new outfit for her funeral.

Nikki, Lynsay, Ken, Kristi and Dale Nieman

Lynsay had the opportunity to participate in the “Get Your Rear In Gear” 5k in 2007 and 2008. Lynsay experienced a tough round of chemo the week before the 2008 walk.

However, some how she managed to walk the 5k on April 13, 2008. Although Lynsay didn’t like to be the center of attention, she really enjoyed the walk with her family and friends. The walk meant so much to Lenses that right before she passed away she asked her family to continue to participate in the annual “Get Your Rear In Gear.” Our family promised Lynsay that we would continue to walk under the team name Lynsay chose, “What is up your butt?”

nieman-bike-1Lynsay’s friends and family are honored to be able to fulfill her wish.We would like to leave you with a message from our fearless daughter, sister, and friend Lynsay, who fought this disease like a true Cancer Warrior, “Live Well~Laugh Often~Love Much”.

Thank you to those who have contributed in her name:

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