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In Loving Memory: Patrick Vaughn Landry

Patrick “Vaughn” Landry of Baton Rouge, LA.

He passed away at the age of 35, a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend who earned a degree in Spanish and an MBA, moved to, worked in and loved Houston.

Married a Venezuelan girl whom he loved, shared a three year relationship and a two year marriage; his love of travel and snow skiing was obvious but his love of the Spanish culture and Spanish people as well as his family were # 1 in his life. He accepted his diagnosis, never complained, never wondered outloud “Why me” but also, very importantly, never gave up.

He lived every day with great anticipation, no matter how ill he felt, always tried to enjoy life as best he could, and had a great love of God and what he promises us.

He is our “hero” and will be loved and missed as long as we live—he will always be “forever in our hearts”. Vaughn was our first-born child and our only son. His love of family was very obvious in how he lived his life and how he treated others; he always was thankful and voiced his appreciation to me for the support of family during his cancer treatment and also just of life in general.

His first prayer was, of course, to be successful in his treatment and mission to live. Secondly, he hoped and prayed that no one else in our family would ever have to be given a diagnosis of cancer, and I think most importantly to him, that as we live life we help everyone we can and treasure every healthy moment. He didn’t want to be treated as someone special because of his disease, but it is important for me to say that not once did I ever hear him complain or feel sorry for himself; something I doubt many of us could copy. He was a joy as a child and someone we always loved and admired as an adult.

He loved to snow ski, travel in and out of the United States, loved any genre of music but especially big band and Latino dance music.He loved to stay up late watching television, reading and talking. He was also a big fan of science fiction and the study of metaphysics.

He was very talented in reading and writing of the English and Spanish languages, a really big reader of most any material pertaining to metaphysics and science fiction and as an adult, he loved studying about different religions, though he was never a huge fan of any one religion in particular, he was very spiritual and loved and understood God the afterlife.

Survived by:

Mother- Cindy, Father-Patrick, Sisters- Jeanne and Cynthia, Nieces- Paige and Chloe, Nephews- Ian, Aidan Vaughn and Collin,

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