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In Loving Memory: Peggy Wilson

Peggy Wilson of Clayton, NC.

Peggy was diagnosed with Colon/Liver Cancer in December 2007. She proceeded to have chemotherapy treatments for over two years, and finally was given the option to take chemo or live her life to the fullest as possible. So she chose to LIVE HER LIFE.

Momma had a heart of gold. She knew no stranger. If anyone needed help, she would have been there in a heartbeat, and never would have said no, unless she was having a bad chemo day. She always thought of everyone, but herself. She was truly a GOOD woman. You don’t find people like that these days. She was taken away too soon…..She was unable to meet her first born grandchild. Abigail Cathryn Dellinger.

Peggy was a program analyst for the Department of Public Instruction. She absolutely loved her job and the people she worked with.

Momma loved to play softball, decorate, shop, sleep, act crazy and spend time with her family and friends.

Being a terrific mother, is what she has always done best. She was also very smart and hardworking. She always helped people in need without helping herself. She was a fantastic friend, and mom who loved everyone more than herself. She was my mother, my everything, and my best friend. I miss her more than words.

Her philosophy was to do good unto others, until given a reason not to!

Survived by:

Eric Brandon Dellinger (Son)

Meagan Beth Roberts (Daughter)

Jason Clyde Roberts (Son in-law)

Ashley Ellis (Daughter in-law)

Abigail C. Dellinger (Granddaughter)

Justin Tuck (nephew)

Lindsay Tuck (niece)

Teresa Tuck (sister)

James M. Wilson (brother)

Keith Tuck (brother in-law)

Betty Wilson (sister in-law)

Gracie & Oliver (4 legged buddies)

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