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In Loving Memory: Raymond Smith

Raymond Smith of Walton KY.

Dad lost his battle with cancer on May 15, 2010, 11 months after his diagnosis. He was 68 years young. He bravely fought the battle and kept the faith until the very end. He stayed positive and never lost hope. He decided to relish in all the good things he had been given in his life instead of feeling sorry for himself. He is loved and missed by so many people. He is easily the greatest man I have ever known.

Dad loved to build things with his hands. He built several pieces of furniture, string instruments, as well as the house I grew up in. He loved music and could play almost any instrument he picked up. He loved nature and taking pictures of wildlife. He gardened and marveled at all the beauty God had provided.

Dad’s greatest contribution to his community was the children that he raised. Dad instilled in us a set of morals that included honesty, strong work ethic, generosity and most importantly respect for others, as well as ourselves.

There are so many things that made Dad special, but the one that stands out the most is the fact that he was always so dependable and helpful. This was a quality that I didn’t really recognize in my dad until he was gone. Inside his mind was a wealth of knowledge about so many different things. I depended on my dad for information about everything from how my car was acting, to what to do when my bathroom flooded. He knew how to fix everything. I also depended on my dad for his wisdom. He was one of my biggest fans and was proud of the woman I have become, but he knew I could always strive to be better. Dad was strict on me growing up, but it was all out of love and I see that more now that I am raising my own children. His wisdom lives on in me and I miss that wisdom and knowledge that he delivered in every conversation I ever had with him.

Dad was a strong and beautiful man! One of the best things he ever said to me was that if I believed in myself and surrounded myself with people who respected me and loved me that there would be no end to what I could do as long as I included God. He said if you have one true friend God has blessed you. Upon Dad’s death I was surrounded by so much love from friends, neighbors and co-workers and I felt like Dad was smiling down from heaven because he knew he left me in good hands and I was surrounded by people who loved me even though many of those people had never met my dad. One night soon after his death, I decided I wanted to do something to help remember my dad and I began researching 5k’s. At first I thought I would just walk but there was a small nudge in my heart to do more. My husband and several friends encouraged me to train to run the 5k and said they would even do it with me. I instantly remembered Dad’s words. I decided to form a team and was surprised at how many people wanted to help honor my dad and support me.

I am sure that on September 11, 2010 as I am RUNNING my 5k God will be there with me and so will my dad. I am doing this in honor of my dad and to see in myself what my dad had always known and that is, we can do anything as long as we include God and are surrounded by love!

Dad never complained even though he had every right to. The chemo destroyed his health but not his spirit. He knew early on that the prognosis was not good but he always said if God wanted him to be healed he would be and if not, he couldn’t complain because God has blessed him with so much good in life. How amazing that such a strong man became so weak in body but so tough in spirit. In remembering my dad the one thing I want people to take away is that we complain too much and forget all the great blessings we have had bestowed upon us. Dad’s cancer was the worst thing that has ever happened in my life, but there were so many blessings were received through the battle. Dad’s love, faith and enduring hope will forever live on in the lives of his children and friends and I hope to pass that message along as well! There really is no place like hope.

Raymond Smith is survived by his family:
Jared Smith(son)
Heather Smith(Daughter in law)
Heather Rogers(daughter)
Keith Rogers(son in law)
Drew Haddix(grandson)
Kaitlyn Rogers(granddaughter)
Norah Rogers(granddaughter)
Stephen Smith(son)
Stephanie Smith(daughter)

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