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In Loving Memory: Robyn Hassell

Robyn-HassellBy Becky Hassell

Robyn was a beautiful, vibrant 25 year old girl.

She developed a blood clot in her left shoulder on Sept. 19th, 2008.

After a month in the hospital in Austin, Tx. we moved her to MDA. There they did a colonoscopy and found she had a tumor in her colon. She lived 8 weeks after that diagnosis. We lost her on Dec. 20th, 2008.

Robyn was a precious daughter. She had a smile that literally lit up a room. She was full of life and very outgoing. We had no idea she was so sick. She looked so healthy. We miss her terribly. She was a joy to have as our daughter. She was thoughtful, kind, independent and sweet.

Robyn loved the Lord and was never afraid to share her beliefs with others. Especially while being treated at MD Anderson. She cared very deeply for others and shared her faith often. It didn’t matter who they were..Doctors , nurses, technicians, therapists. I know she left an impression on many who cared for her.

I know that Robyn would want the world to know how much she loved life. She would have been the very last person on this earth that I thought this would happen to. She was so full of life! I hope by sharing her story it might save another young person. It might cause a doctor to do a colonoscopy when otherwise he would not even think of doing one. How I wish we had known.

Visit Robyn’s Caring Bridge Site

Surviving family:

Danny and Becky Hassell (Mom and Dad), Christie Hassell (sister), Daniel and Jonathan Hassell (brothers), Joshua Hassell (nephew), Eva (sister-in-law).

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