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In Loving Memory: Ronald Bond

Ronald Bond of Stockton, NJ.

By Kathie Land

Ron was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in 2006. He fought a very hard battle. As the cancer spread to his liver and lymphoids over the years his body withered but his smile stayed the same.He lived with the disease for two years nine months

Ron live in NJ and he did his treatment at the cancer center at Hunterdon Medical center, Flemington NJ. After a bad reaction to this treatment on November 4, 2008 he could no longer have any more treatments with the chemo he had been having.

Ron was never one to wait for someone else to do something. He was a believer that in order to make something happen you had to help make it happen. Ron was very dedicated to the environment. The house that Ron and Nancy built together was ahead of their time. Their foresight for being green for the environment was apparent before it caught on with the rest of the world. Ron and Nancy did not do things because everyone else did, they did things because they believed in it.

Ron was honored posthumously as a veteran of the environmental movement, joining Association of NJ Environmental Commission’s (ANJEC) Board of Trustees in 1977 and remaining among the organization’s most stalwart supporters. Ron was a member and past president of the ANJEC, past president of the Delaware and Raritan Canal Coalition, served on the Delaware Twp. Environmental Commission, the Delaware Twp. Planning Board and Zoning Board. He was recognized in 2007 as the Delaware Twp. Volunteer of the year. Ron was honored by the Governor of NJ for saving the Delaware and Raritan Canal. He was the president of Association of Environmental Commissions for about 20 years. He was in his last month of life and still working on his lap top on local issues for the planning board.

He held a degree in industrial engineering from Newark Institute of Technology and also graduated from the Chubb Institute. After retiring from Hill Refrigeration in Trenton, he worked as a private consultant in information technology.

Ron’s passion and hobby was the environment, family, canoeing, photography. Ron was a Girl Scout canoe instructor, he got involved when his daughters did and continued his involvement for many years.

Ron was known for his smile, generosity, his quiet good humor, wisdom and strength. He was a wonderful person that made our lives better.

Ronald is survived by his wife-Nancy Bond; daughter- Karin Lisa Bond; son-in-law- David Angell; Grandchildren – Ainsley Beth & Matthew Lars Angell; daughter- Laura Ann Bond-significant other- Brian Kennedy. Sisters-Diane Struble, Eileen Deaver, Kathie Land, Jackie Bond-General; brothers-Ricky Bond, Chris Bond;

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