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In Loving Memory: Sandee Overson

The Overson Family of Minneapolis, MN.

Written by her daughter, Susanne Overson.

My mom lived for eight years after her diagnosis, which is remarkable for stage four colon cancer. Initial surgery was an emergency with a blocked colon that had also spread to her liver. Over the years, it travelled to her kidney, lungs, back to her colon, back to lungs and pancreas. She had eight major surgeries over the course of eight years after diagnosis. She received the majority of her treatment at the Rochester Mayo Clinic, but she also received treatment at the Waconia hospital and University of Minnesota.

My mom did not get a colonoscopy at the recommended age of 50 and was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer at the age of 58. Over the last eight years of her life, she made it her mission to encourage all adults – especially those on or around the age of 50 – to get a colonoscopy and save a life.

My mom was the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. She was a strong, independent role model who was caring, kind, selfless and graceful. Her smile was infectious and her friendly demeanor was welcomed by all.

She worked at my father’s business for years but first and foremost she was a mother. She loved to spend time with her family, travel to visit her girls, hang out with the Bunko babes and catch up with her brothers and friends. She enjoyed knitting, reading and loved music.

She was such a special person to all, but to me she was my mom. She provided safe and unconditional love that you can’t get from anyone but your mother. She listened and offered her total support without judgment. She was generous beyond belief and so proud of her family. Her presence was infectious and never wavered. I cannot replace that, but will never forget.

She was able to meet her first grandson two months to the day before she passed away. She was one tough lady who fought cancer with dignity and bravery until the very end.

Survived by:
Gil Overson (husband), Susanne Overson (daugher), Kristin Spieldenner (daughter), Larry Spieldenner (son-in-law), Lawson Spieldenner (grandson), Katelyn Spieldenner (granddaughter), Jay Eller (brother), Steve Eller (brother).

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