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In Loving Memory: Susan DiBonaventura

Susan DiBonaventura of Drexel Hill, PA.

My mom was diagnosed in April 2010 and passed away on May 28th, 2012. She was 57. She was diagnosed as Stage 4 cancer and it went to her liver.

She was a woman who inspired many! She taught cooking classes with a side of inspiration. She blogged about her disease and her emotions and her treatment on her blog “Live Laugh Cook” It is truly amazing! She reached thousands and each and every person helped her through her journey.

She was a caterer, writer and inspirational speaker. She also took tour groups to Italy for culinary tours. She has a published cookbook LIVE LAUGH COOK and has a blog with the same name. She would teach cooking classes to approx. 30-55 people a night! All coming to taste her food and to BE INSPIRED. Please visit her Facebook Memorial Page

She loved cooking, traveling, working out, black belt in karate, runner, lifted weights, spending as much time with her grandbabies as she could!! Inspiring others to live their dreams and that they could accomplish anything they put their mind to.

She had so many special talents, too many to list here. She could prepare a home cooked meal from scratch for 25 people in an hours notice, she never stressed over that. She would entertain, inspire, smile, smile, smile ALL the time. She was the most selfless, giving, loving person. I had STRANGERS tell me things as well at her funeral. She was loved by everyone.

She was known in the community here where we live as a local celebrity who would always send people home with a quart of soup. If you were at her house, no one left empty handed. She would do anything for anybody and anyone you ask would say the same thing, such a generous and giving person. Always with a smile! She was known for her smile.

My mom was my world. She was everything to me. She was my mom, a sister I never had, a best friend, the best grandmother in the entire universe to my kids and to my brother’s kids. She was amazing and I felt HONORED that she was MY mom. She was loved by every single person that came in her path, even if they only met once. So many people have said that to me.

My mom’s saying was “Think Positive” she always gave that advice and also applied it in her life. She blogged frequently about her disease and her blog reached thousands and everyone would wait for her next blog post. She would blog about her treatment, her struggles, her feelings, telling others to get a colonoscopy and how she was scared to and how early detection could have saved her life!!!

She was just truly an inspiration to not only me, but everyone around her. She was known for this. She would help anyone she could, however she could. She was the most selfless person around and I just wish we knew more about this disease earlier and I hope that others can learn from our story and go get a colonoscopy and learn about this disease and how early detection can save your life. My mom was bleeding for one year before she went! One year and told no one! She was only 55 when she was diagnosed and her doctors said “otherwise in perfect health” she worked out, ate well, ran, did karate, she was the picture of health and fitness!

Survived by:

Son: Dominick Martino

Daughter: Tina Martino Newman

Mother: Santina DiBonaventura

Grandsons: Christopher, Finn, Brandon and Gavin. (her world!)

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