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In Loving Memory: Timothy Collins

Tim Collins of Chicago, IL.

Tim was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer in the fall of 2009 and passed away on June 21, 2010. He received chemotherapy and many surgeries through Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL.

Tim was one of the most active, high-spirited, funny, and dedicated people one could ever meet. He was always up for adventures with his family, ranging from skiing trips and other fabulous vacations to taking French cooking classes, and was an avid and accomplished golfer. He loved spending time on the golf course with his wife, Mary, and enjoyed bonding with his children through fun activities all throughout Chicagoland.

Tim was the President of Clybourn Metal Finishing Company, a family business. He continued the business after his father passed away, and the Collins family still runs it after the loss of Tim.

Tim won many club championships at both Evanston Golf Club and Conway Farms Golf Club, and was a huge fan of all Chicago sports. He grew up playing many of these sports with his eight brothers and sisters, and shared his athletic skills with his children every chance he got.

Tim had a knack for telling stories in such a funny and descriptive way that he had you falling out of your chair with laughter. Even if it was you who he was poking fun at, you couldn’t help but laugh with his great stories. Tim also lent great advice to his family, no matter what obstacles they were facing, even though he was at times too stubborn to take their advice when he was fighting his cancer battle.

Tim supported many charities throughout his life, and always liked to give back to the community, especially his employees, during the holiday season. He taught his children to treat everyone with respect, no matter their situation in life.

Our dad always made us feel taken care of and loved. He was always so selfless and would do anything he could to make us happy, even if it meant waking up super early in the morning to help find a runaway dog, or sitting through hours of dance rehearsals. He truly loved being a dad.

Tim always taught his family to never give up, even when faced with huge obstacles. He would even go as far as to refer to famous athletes like Michael Jordan to try and motivate us to always do our best. We will be following his mantra through our participation in the Get Your Rear in Gear 5K Run/Walk.

Tim was taken away way too fast and way too soon. We all need to learn from his experience and schedule regular doctor’s visits so that any ailments are quickly detected and treated. 59 was way too young to leave such a full, exciting life.

Survived by:

Mary Collins–Wife

Ashley Collins–Daughter

Amanda Simkin–Daughter

Kaitlyn Collins–Daughter

Jeff Welsh–Stepson

Brian Simkin–Son-in-law

Logan Simkin–Grandson

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