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Faces of Blue: Robin Day

Written By: Robin Day for her mother and in memory of her father.

Robin and her mother.

Robin and her mother.

My mom was really excited when I told her I wanted to share our story with the world- you see, she is a 20 year cancer survivor. Who you don’t see in the photo is my dad. My dad died of colon cancer 15 years ago. When you ask me what does Get Your Rear in Gear mean to us? It means – get screened and do it now! Don’t complain and don’t argue because it can save your life. My mother is proof of that and we both are certain that if my dad had been screened he would be in this photo too. She tells that to everyone! I turned 51 this year, very close to the age that both my parents were diagnosed.

RobinDayAlthough I was a bit nervous during my scheduled procedure, I felt confident that I was going to be ok, because I have had colonoscopies since the age of 35. I am proud to be able to help with the Colon Cancer Coalition’s marketing support. This organization and its ability to promote awareness is near and dear to my families heart. Colon cancer has touched our lives even further as my brother and his very young 40-year-old wife are battling her colon cancer right now. Her prognosis is good because the doctors feel they got there in time. My family supports each other daily, try to make each other laugh and we pray and are thankful for everything we have.

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