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Mobile Event Director honored by Employer

We are thrilled to pass along the good news that the local event director for Get Your Rear in Gear – Mobile was recently honored by Infirmary Health with their Fourth Quarter iHelp award. Bill Carrol, Mobile Infirmary security coordinator and his wife Cassie, Infirmary Center for Wound Healing coordinator were chosen for this honor by their employer.

Mobile CheckYourColon

Bill and Cassie at the 2015 Get Your Rear in Gear in Mobile

Bill and Cassie chose to donate their $250 iHelp award to Victory Health Partners to provide free colon cancer screenings to the under-insured and uninsured patients in the community. Victory Health Partners is the beneficiary of Get Your Rear in Gear – Mobile.

From the announcement to Infirmary Employees:

“Tirelessly and daily Cassie worked, after normal working hours, to make the Get You Rear in Gear event successful. We need to thank God for making people like her, she is a light in a sometimes dark world,” said Sheryl Swiger, director of Infirmary Center for Wound Healing,

“Bill has been a great motivator for our team, and has been a positive reflection of Infirmary Health. He is truly a great inspiration to everyone around him!”

During Infirmary Health’s 2015 fiscal year alone, Bill has logged at total of 801 volunteer hours and Cassie 124 hours.

Congratulations Bill and Cassie! The recognition is well deserved! We appreciate all your hard work.

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