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Faces of Blue: Christine Vazquez

By March 23, 2016Faces of Blue

I lost my mom, Rosalinda Pizzaro, to stage IV colon cancer on 02/23/15 at the age of 66. About a month before she passed she was right as rain about to celebrate her birthday and then on her birthday she had pains that landed her in the hospital. My mom was not just like any other mom, grandmother, sister and aunt. She was a selfless soul always taking care of others. She was diagnosed with malignant polyps years before and they were removed and she was told she would need yearly follow-ups. My mom always put the needs of others before herself and did not go to get regular check ups until it was too late.

Christine and MomI want to share her story for those family members who put the needs of others before their own. If you love your family please get checked. My mom’s life got cut short a few months before my wedding. I will never be able to share a phone conversation, hug, kiss or hear her tell me she loves me ever again. I learned cancer hurts everyone but we CAN do something about it. Get educated- there is never a dumb question. Get tested if you suspect a family member has symptoms. Go hold their hand and make sure they get tested.

284My mom was not rich and famous but she was loved and she loved back not expecting anything in return. There is this helpless feeling that comes over a person when the one you love has terminal cancer and all you can do is make them comfortable day after day till the time they pass. I was also her health proxy and the decisions regarding her care were some of the hardest decisions I ever made. Her cancer took her in one month’s time and I was there when she took her last breath. I was relieved that she was not in any more pain but heart broken to lose my mom. I hope our story helps and I thank the Colon Cancer Coalition for letting me share this journey and for the support and help they provide to survivors and families who have lost loved ones.

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  • Carmen Loubriel says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I pray that your story enlighten others to understand that cancer hurts everyone in the family. Early detection of cancer, and then regular check-ups can save a life.

  • Elizabeth Peraza says:

    Elizabeth Peraza
    What a wonderful note. Thank you for sharing. My sister Rosalinda was selfless and she couldn’t do enough for other, but she neglected herself. For those that have a history of cancer in their family please get checked regularly. Early detection of Colon cancer can save your life. Christine your story could’t have said it better.

  • God bless I know that feeling way too well. I lost my mom to cancer 14 yrs this June. My mom passed away in my arms. I relieve this day every day. May your beautiful mother rest in peace

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