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Faces of Blue 2016

By April 5, 2016Faces of Blue

A big thank you to everyone who shared their stories for this year’s Faces of Blue series! If you missed one, you can find them all here. We are excited to continue the series every six weeks for the rest of the year. If you are interested in telling your story, please contact Erin.


Heather Cyr|March 1 


Frankie Melendez|March 2


Amanda Rolle|March 3


Meg McCamish|March 4


Emily Donovan|March 5


Jennifer Welker|March 6


Gale Fritsche|March 7


Linda Wilkinson|March 8


Katie Lee|March 9


Mollie Martin|March 10


Lauri Buckentin|March 11


Mitchell and Janet Spurlock|March 12


Caitlin Moorhouse|March 13


Chere Garcia|March 14


Nicole Armstrong|March 15


Jerry Haigler|March 16


John Cavanaugh|March 17


Billie Jo Weiss|March 18


Porschea Stallion|March 19


Debby Terry|March 20


Amy Barger|March 21


Steve Gilroy|March 22


Christine Vasquez|March 23


Stacey Wilson|March 24


Pete Melrose|March 25


Casey Wickham|March 26


Valerie McKinney|March 27


Susan Rodger|March 28


George Stilphen|March 29


Cynthia Wilson|March 30


Carrie Peck|March 31


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