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Faces of Blue: Mayra Goodwin

Faces of Blue: Mayra Goodwin

In September 2014, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. My symptoms were blood every time I had my bowel movements. I was 42-years-0ld, married, and the mother of two young children.Faces of Blue: Mayra Goodwin It was so sure and overwhelming to me. The first thing that I thought was, “I am going to die.” Eventually the doctors showed me I have a good chance of survival. It was stage two, with a five centimeter tumor located in the sphincter muscle. I was told right away I was going to loose my rectum and live with a permanent colostomy because of the location.I never heard what an ostomy Faces of Blue: Mayra Goodwinwas before. Neither have I met anyone that has or had one. Oh boy, how much I have learned from that point forward. There is still so much medical terminology that I have to get used to and understand. I knew this was the start of my advocate journey.

I had two months of chemotherapy and radiation. Then two months of rest and recovery. The big surgery was in February of 2015. After three months of recovery from surgery, I started 12 treatments of chemotherapy to prevent the cancer from coming back. Thanks to my ostomy I found an awesome support group in the area. These new friends always lift me up with Faces of Blue: Mayra Goodwinencouragement and hope. I still am dealing with side effects of radiation. I still am seeking for alternatives to improve my health.

I am beyond blessed to be a survivor. I know not everyone has this chance. I have learned so much in the past two years. I learned cancer can pick anyone, despite of their race, background, lifestyle, sizes, and etc. I am blessed for the countless support and prayers from my dear husband, children and parents. They have suffered emotionally alongside with me. I am also grateful for my friends, church community, and even strangers who have helped in many ways and pray for me as well. God bless them all. “NO ONE FIGHT ALONE.” My mission on earth continues, but in a new level.

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