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Faces of Blue: Desiree Yanes

Faces of Blue: Desiree Yanes

I am Desiree Yanes and this is my story. I  joined Get Your Rear in Gear – San Antonio because of my grandmother, who is a colon cancer survivor. I wanted to share her story. A year later, at 34, I wasn’t feeling myself. I thought I was stressed out, I lost weight, and couldn’t hold my bowel movements sometimes. It was embarrassing and awful. I decided to get checked because I knew something wasn’t right. I was told I had colon cancer. I think everybody thinks, “It can’t be me.” I think that’s the problem. They think it’s always something else.

My family has been a great help. My parents have helped take care of me through many of my struggles and my boyfriend has been the support system that I need.

Colon cancer has made me realize that no one is invincible! There is no such thing. When you are young you think you have the rest of your life to enjoy. Although, the reality is it can end now or tomorrow! The struggle is real. Never think you have tomorrow. No! We have to enjoy life now!!!! Why tomorrow when you’re healthy now!

Words of wisdom that I have are take pride and happiness in the small things, like going to the restroom by yourself. Think not of the moments you are in pain. Don’t focus on the negative. Focus on what is going good. It will keep you strong.

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  • Johnathan Benavidez says:

    Hello Desiree, wanted to see how you were doing and had a few questions for you… maybe you could elaborate a little bit more on your symptoms for me? Im 32 and have been having some stomach issues that are being chalked up as ibs… i do have a lot of stress and anxiety so i am hoping it really is just that, but my biggest issue is this loss of appetite, it just wont come back for me? Did you experience loss of appetite as an initial symptom? Something just doesnt feel right but nothing feels terribly wrong either… wanted to see what your thoughts are, my email is if you want to get a hold of me there that would be great!! Thanks, and I’ll keep you in our family prayers!


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