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Podcast Features Young Mother Facing Terminal Colon Cancer

Regrets of the Dying title

As early onset colorectal cancer continues to rise in young adults, it will inevitably collide with people in the throws of raising young children, and facing the reality that they will not be alive to watch them grow up.

32-year-old Katie Scarbrough blogged about her life with terminal colon cancer. She has since passed, but Georgina Scull has taken Katie’s story and given it life again in the podcast Regrets of the Dying. Like any parent in her position, Katie questions the best way to explain a diagnosis, worries if her children will remember her when she’s gone, and wonders what type of adults they will grow up to become.

Children left without a parent is one of the greatest tragedies of this disease, and one Katie addresses time and time again in her blog. This is not an easy listen. It is the haunting, beautiful, real, and final words of a young mother living with terminal colon cancer.

Georgina Sculls produces a podcast series called Regrets of the Dying, where the subjects of life, death, and regrets are featured in different life stories. You can find out more at Proper Podcast, or follow her on Twitter at @properpodcasts.