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The WE Have Cancer Podcast Connects the Cancer Community

By September 30, 2018Featured Articles
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What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file that is available on the Internet. You can download it and listen to it offline, or stream it directly from an app or website using your phone or computer.

Where can you listen?

You can listen to a podcast anywhere you can listen to music. You can stream it in the car, you can download it and listen to it on a plane while in airplane mode. You can listen at the gym, while you’re making dinner, or out for an evening stroll. Because podcasts are online, they are available to the international community.

In talking with Lee Silverstein from the WE Have Cancer Show, he shares that his podcast has been downloaded in over 70 countries around the global, and he’s received messages of support from as far away as New Zealand and Japan.

When can you listen to a podcast?

Since podcasts are recorded, they aren’t a live broadcast and can be listened to on demand or whenever is convenient for you. And if you download them, having access to Wi-Fi isn’t necessary when you’re ready to listen. This makes them great from airplane travel, or when you’re out of the country. Through a podcast app, you can subscribe to a podcast and never miss an episode. Just like a magazine subscription is delivered to your mailbox, new podcast episodes will be available to you when you open the app.

Why are podcast such a unique entertainment medium?

Podcast are unique because they cover a broad range of topics that can be selected at the discretion of the listener. Unlike broadcast radio, where the listener is not only subject to the time limits but the topic of the station and host, with a podcast the listener is in control. They can decide what they want to listen to, and when they want to listen to it. They can even pause the podcast and return at a later time to listen.

What motivated someone like Lee Silverstein to start a podcast?

“The Tampa Bay Area has a vibrant podcasting community. Out of curiosity I attended a meet-up because I knew several people that were looking at the medium. During this first meeting it just hit me; I should do this as a way to give a ‘voice’ to patients, survivors, and caregivers and to provide hope and inspiration to those affected by this disease. The feedback I’ve received has validated this idea. People consistently say that listening to the podcast has inspired them to move forward and has given them hope.”

What can people take away from the WE Have Cancer Show?

“By listening to WE Have Cancer, listeners will quickly learn that they are not alone,” says Lee. “Many people are facing the same fears and struggles as they are. They will also be inspired by the many stories of people who are thriving despite their disease.”

Where can people find the WE Have Cancer Show?

These links will take you to the WE Have Cancer show on your computer or smart phone.

Website Apple Podcast Spotify Stitcher Google Podcast

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