Colon cancer patients, survivors, and friends and family of those lost to the disease share their stories in this special place dedicated to the cancer experience. By sharing these accounts of courage, endurance, strength and even humor, we hope to share a common experiences and provide encouragement.

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Tell us about your cancer experience or share your memories of a loved one lost to colon cancer. Share your stories with us, tell it yourself, or use these questions as a starting point. Our writers will reach out to you with any questions before posting your story and photo.

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Faces of Blue

Putting a face to the thousands of colon cancer survivors, caregivers, and others impacted by this disease. If you have been touched by colon cancer, you are a face of blue.

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Survivor Stories

Colon cancer patients and  survivors share personal experiences about diagnosis, surgery, treatment, side effects and the many ways that colon cancer has changed their lives.

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In Loving Memory

Friends and family of those lost to colon cancer share a loved one’s story with us. Keeping their memories alive.

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