Do-it-yourself fundraising is another great way to get people to come together for a good cause.  Here are some ideas for benefits and charity running to get you started on the right track for your fundraiser.


Thinking about hosting a benefit? Contact Anne Carlson for ways the Colon Cancer Coalition can support you! 

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1. Silent/Live Auction

By itself or as part of a larger event, a silent auction is a great way to raise money. Approach local businesses to donate merchandise or a service as an auction items. Guests with the highest bet on an auction item will pay that much for that item. Larger high-ticket or in-demand items can also be auctioned live to create more excitement and raise even more money.

2. Banquet

Set up a banquet in honor of people who are currently diagnosed with colon cancer, who have survived colon cancer or who have passed away from colon cancer. Partner with a restaurant, bar, or other venue to donate catering and a large banquet room. Approach local experts to speak on behalf of getting screened, survivors of colon cancer, and/or doctors. Guests can buy a spot at a table, which would go towards donations.

3. Benefit Concert

Are you in a band? Work with a local venue about hosting a benefit concert. See if a restaurant or caterer can donate food and beverages. Find other local artists around the area that care willing to perform for free. People can donate by paying to get into the event. Put posters up around that local theater or school or talk to people about coming to the event.

Charity Running

Are you training for a marathon, triathlon, or other endurance event? Set-up a Crowdrise fundraiser and use your training and event participation to raise money for the Colon Cancer Coalition. You can set up your fundraiser or see examples of other athlete’s efforts on our Crowdrise page.

1. Casual Day at Work

Have people at work donate a small donation in return to wear casual clothes at work.

2. Coffee Day at Work

Have a local coffee shop donate coffee and pastries and for a small donation people at work can receive a cup of coffee or pastry.

3. Sell Get Your Rear in Gear Bracelets

Buy in bulk the Get Your Rear in Gear bracelets and sell them to your friends, co-workers, neighbors or anybody to raise money.

4. Blue Star Buddies

Download our Blue Stars and have your friends, co-workers, neighbors or anybody to donate a small donation in return for their recognition on a blue star. The Blue Stars can be hung up at your choice of place.