In the past year, you have made a huge difference in the lives of countless colorectal cancer patients across the country.

  • Your gifts prevented a colorectal cancer patient in her 70s from being evicted while undergoing treatment.
  • Your generosity helped a single mother, stage IV, maintain her independence and hold on to her family’s transportation and her only way to-and-from chemotherapy treatments.
  • You helped a stage IV patient in his 80s sleep in a bed instead of on the floor while undergoing colorectal cancer treatment.
  • And when insurance ran out for a young mother dying from colorectal cancer, you covered the last two nights of hospice care and allowed her to reach the end of her life with dignity and grace.

Helping patients with the cost of cancer is just part of what we can do to help decrease the impact of colorectal cancer. Please consider one last gift before the end of the year. Your gift may provide a little serenity to another person’s struggle.