Host a Community Fundraiser or Set Up a Personal Fundraising Page

Start your own fundraising page and invite friends and family to make a donation that will help end colorectal cancer.
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Celebrating a birthday or other milestone?

Dedicate your celebration to the Colon Cancer Coalition!

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Running, Walking, Riding, or Rolling?

Whatever your flavor, pledge your efforts to support of our mission with a fundraiser!

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Honor the survivor, caregiver, special doctor in your life.

Dedicate a fundraiser.

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Be Creative! From shaving your head to sleeping on the roof, anything goes!

Your imagination is your only limitation!

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Here are just some ideas* to help get you started and make a difference in the lives of the people around you.

*please see COVID-19 disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Endurance Events

Are you training for a marathon, triathlon, or other endurance event? How about a long hike? Set-up a fundraising and use your training and event participation to raise money for the Colon Cancer Coalition.

You can set up your fundraiser on our ACTIVE Fundraising platform!

Dine and Donate

Many restaurants will host fundraising nights donating part of the proceeds to non-profit organizations. Some also allow a small program or info table. Check the website or ask the manager.

Need our 501(c)3 number or letter? Just contact us to ask!

At the Office

Get permission from your employer then invite your co-workers to donate a small amount and in return to wear casual clothes at work.

Invite a local coffee shop to donate coffee and pastries and for a small donation people at work can receive a cup of joe or a snack.

Silent Auction

By itself or as part of a larger event, a silent auction is a great way to raise money. Approach local businesses to donate merchandise or a service.

Larger high-ticket or in-demand items can also be auctioned live to create more excitement and raise even more money.

Birthday or Milestone Fundraiser

Donate your birthday, cancer-versary, or holiday in with a fundraiser.

Get started with a personal fundraiser using the CELEBRATE Fundraising platform. Or simply start a fundraiser on Facebook. You’ll be surprised who donates to support your efforts.

Blue Star of Hope

The Blue Star is the universal symbol for colorectal cancer.

Download a page of Blue Stars and invite a small donation in return for recognition on a star. Display them in your cube at work, a public place at the office, a gathering space in your place of worship, or at a local business.

Wine, Beer, or Soda Night

Invite your friends and family to a dinner party. You provide the food, they provide the beverages.

Guests sample each beverage and vote for their favorite (or favorites) with a donation. The guest who raises the most money during the voting round “wins.”

Outdoor Movie Night

Rent or find an inflatable movie screen or show your favorite movie or television show on your house in the backyard. Invite the neighborhood. Spread out blankets and chairs. Start a bonfire. Serve concessions.

Proceeds from concessions and other fundraising gets donated.

Karaoke Party

Who doesn’t love a great night of Karaoke?

Set up the karaoke machine and crank up the tunes. Make a donation to nominate a friend to sing – they MUST sing – OR they match your donation to get out of belting their best Taylor Swift or Neil Diamond impression.

Bowling Outing

Approach your local bowling alley to host a tournament.

Post flyers, create a Facebook event, invite your friends. Many bowling alleys will donate prizes. Part of the registration fee covers the bowling cost, the rest is donation. Consider a silent auction or other fundraising activities.

Poker Tournament

Texas Hold ‘Em. Omaha Hi. Short Deck. So many variations to choose from.

Poker is a fun fundraiser you can do in a large group or at home. Money can be raised through tournament registrations or side bets. Recruit your friends and family to help spread the word and recruit players.

Benefit Concert

In a band? Work with a local venue about hosting a benefit concert. Guests can donate through a cover charge or admission fee. Promote with posters and set up a Facebook event and other social media.

Consider adding a silent auction or other fundraising activities.

COVID-19 disclaimer: Please plan all fundraising events in accordance with your local COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions for group gatherings. Please listen to health officials and be sure all fundraising activities in done in a a safe way. The Colon Cancer Coalition in not responsible for fundraising events planned and hosted by individuals. 

Thinking about hosting a benefit or other fundraiser? Contact Stacy Zwerdling for ways the Colon Cancer Coalition can support you! 

When your fundraiser is finished, send us a report and photos! We may feature you on our blog

And finally, if you collected any money in person, please mail it to the address below and include a brief recap of the event. (Please do not send cash through the mail.)

Colon Cancer Coalition
5666 Lincoln Dr., #270
Edina, MN 55436

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