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Faces of Blue is colorectal cancer survivor stories, plus patients, friends and family, and others touched by this disease.  This special place dedicated to a shared cancer experience. By publishing these accounts of courage, endurance, strength, and even humor, we hope to share a common experiences and provide encouragement for all affected by this disease.

New stories are published frequently throughout Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (March), as well as the rest of the year. Each story puts another face to this disease. If you have been touched in some way by colon or rectal cancer, you are a face of blue.

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Rodnell, a colon cancer survivor story

Rodnell’s Story

Rodnell didn’t have an extensive family history of cancer. His father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but it didn’t raise any eyebrows with his health care providers.

When a ruptured appendix in 2016 landed him in emergency surgery, however, his doctors discovered something more “shocking, surprising, and very unexpected.”

Stage IV colon cancer.

As a part of his care plan, Rodnell was offered genetic testing. The results would provide another shock to this father of two young boys. The news he carried the gene for Lynch syndrome, a hereditary gene that increased his lifetime risk of colorectal and other cancers.

Rodnell spent three years in treatment. Now in remission, he stays on top of his surveillance for the return of not only colorectal cancer, but also any of the other cancers associated with Lynch syndrome.

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