Because your shit can tell
if you are sick.

Do you notice any traces of blood in your stool
or changes in your bathroom habits?
Are you feeling bloated constantly? Are you always
feeling fatigued?
Have you experienced any unexplained weight loss or
persistent cramping?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, OR if you are over 45,
you should talk about this shit!


Right now. Call your doctor and schedule a colon cancer screening, like a colonoscopy.
It can save your life.
Early and regular screenings can prevent many colorectal cancer deaths.
Colonoscopies locate and remove polyps, tiny growths that can become cancerous.
Stool-based screening methods check for blood or other signs of cancer
in your stool (they can also be done in the privacy of your own home).
Plus new-to-the-market blood tests are now available.
Talk to your doctor about the screening option that is right for you.


The goal of screening is to find colon and rectal cancer in their earliest
stages when the disease is most treatable.
Colonoscopies can even remove polyps before they become cancerous,
preventing cancer before it can start!

Colorectal cancer often appears without symptoms,
so screening is essential in catching and stopping the disease early.


Guidelines now recommend the first colon cancer screening
at age 45 for average risk adults, or earlier if you have a family history of the disease.
When caught early, colon and rectal cancer are treatable and beatable.

As always, we recommend you talk with a doctor who believes your shit
and talk about this shit with your health insurance company before any procedure.


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9 in 10 beat colon cancer when it’s caught in time by talking shit and scheduling a colonoscopy.

Call your doctor and schedule your screening today!