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Breaking the Blues: Awaiting Scan Results

Awaiting scan results can be very stressful and start to take a toll on your mind. Time seems to move in slow motion after the scan. All you can think about is what the results will show. The blues come around time and time again, and all you want to do is break them. How will you distract yourself from all the racing thoughts?

Here are some answers we got in response to the question, “my favorite way to take my mind off scan results is…” 

1. Get moving.

  • Rachel Ann on Facebook: “After five years, you would think scanxiety would get easier, but I still really struggle with this! I am lucky to have an amazing onc who calls me with results the same day, but in the meantime exercising/yoga is probably my best distraction.”
  • Diane Tisler on Facebook: “Spend my time in prayer as I walk or bike outdoors.”

2. Spend time with family and friends.

  • Hannah Burkey on Facebook: “Friends or my kids…. We go out for a bike ride, a walk or just hang around the kitchen making a mess.”
  • Lauri Augustine Buckentin on Facebook: “My dogs.”
  • Kristen Senatore Kinman: “Spend time with friends and family to keep you busy.”

3. Pick up a hobby.

  • Heather Anderson on Instagram: “Sewing!”
  • Christy Lorio on Facebook: “Rollerskating!”

4. If you are spiritual, spend time in prayer.

  • Alice Campbell Marshall on Facebook: “Pray.”
  • Nicholas Alan Tredway on Facebook: “Just to stop worrying about it and turn it over to my Creator.”

The next time a scan comes around, we hope you come back to this advice. Maybe you’ll take a bike ride, spend time with your dogs, pull out the rusty roller skates… whatever it may be that takes your mind off the results, make sure you find that, and do that for yourself. Give your mind a chance to rest. You deserve it.


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