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Faces of Blue: Dr. Lisette Caesar – Update

By October 12, 2022Faces of Blue
Dr Lisette Caesar Read Part 1 of Dr. Liz's story

I’ve been battling colon cancer since 2019. I thought this journey was over in 2020 when I was told I was cancer free.

Unfortunately, the cancer returned in 2021. It had metastasized to my liver.

In July of 2021, I had surgery to remove the cancer and started a daily routine of taking cancer pills. In the beginning, it was fine. I was able to work most days. I would have to take off from work from time to time due to my severe neuropathy and exhaustion.

Dr. Liz posses with a sign promoting her book series "Little Lizzie"In early 2022, I learned that my CEA levels were on the rise. Any warrior would know what that means. I was devastated but I’m not a quitter. I will continue to fight my way.

My way to fight cancer was to continue to work hard as an elementary school principal until my retirement in the Spring of 2022. I will continue to be an advocate for more research around colon cancer. In June I turned 52, I won’t let cancer stop me from telling my 52nd chapter.

Dr. Liz at a fundraising gala with a friend. Both women dressed in blue.I am now a published children’s book author, using stories and illustrations about Little Lizzy to tell my cancer story.

I’ve been sharing my story in hopes of helping someone understand the importance of listening to their body and getting colonoscopies starting at age 45. I don’t want anyone to go through what I’m going through.

“Get Your Rear in Gear” reminds me of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise and staying up to date with all recommended medical examinations by specific ages.

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