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Faces of Blue: Brittney Waldrop

By November 25, 2022Faces of Blue

I am celebrating one year since my colon resection!!!

I was supposed to have this surgery when I was first diagnosed September 4, 2019 with stage IV colorectal cancer, however, upon getting more scans done, we found out that my cancer had metastasized to my liver & lungs and the plans changed immediately. It was a complete whirlwind of events that happened following those scans…

I feel like it’s my job to post about my story, especially for those who are newly diagnosed with colon cancer and are overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty. I always want those people to know that, first and foremost, everything is going to be ok. Secondly, the most important thing I found that helped me that I wish I had known sooner, is to keep a journal, and always write everything down. There is so much information coming at you all at once and it seems foreign! Thirdly, breathe! This too shall pass, and last but surely not least, never give up.

Today, I feel very blessed! I have been keeping up with colon cancer Facebook community groups, and compared to what some other people have had to go through & are still going through, I count my blessings every day that I am where I am today. 

I may not be completely cancer free, and honestly have no idea if I ever will be, but that will not keep me from living my life to the fullest and always having a smile on my face because at the end of the day it can always be worse and truthfully do any of us really know when our time is up in this world? No, we don’t. So don’t stress on the end of death. We all will eventually die, but rather, focus on life, and get out there. Living life after a cancer diagnosis is possible!



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