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Faces of Blue: Andrea Fate

By November 28, 2022Faces of Blue

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2003. I always knew it could lead to colon cancer one day. In 2011 I started with yearly colonoscopies. In February of 2015 my colonoscopy revealed narrowing in the lower colon but no cancer. In May of the same year, my doctor did a sigmoidoscopy, and found cancer. 

The tumor was fairly big and had spread to a lymph node…it was stage III. I had a robotic laparoscopic surgery where they removed all but seven inches of colon, which they used to reconnect my insides. I endured eight rounds of chemo and 28 radiation treatments. I was hospitalized for two weeks during chemo for dehydration. 

I celebrated six years of being cancer free in June of 2021, but a recent colonoscopy showed tubular adenoma in the tissue. I then had a chromoendoscopy two days after Christmas. I am working with a new doctor and my future may include an ileostomy. I’m so thankful for my team of doctors. 

I have a lot to live for. My husband who walked every step of the way with me, my three beautiful daughters, my mom, sisters and all of my family. I am so thankful to God for being here today.

There is no history of colon cancer in my family. I want to share my story so that people know it can happen to anyone at any age. It is so important to get screened if you have any GI issues. I know, without a doubt, If I didn’t have my doctor keeping a close eye, I wouldn’t be here today.



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