Chris Evans | president & cfo
Chris joined the Colon Cancer Coalition in late 2011. She is a CPA and has worked with nonprofits since leaving Northwest Airlines in 1993. A graduate of Marquette University, she currently sits on the boards of two other nonprofit organizations in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) area. Chris has four sons (four boys!!) and spends much time at the soccer fields or ice hockey rinks. With her contagious laughter and great sense of humor, Chris is breaking stereotypes everywhere about “boring” accountants. Email Chris

Christie Lockhart | director of events & community engagement
Christie has been a part of Get Your Rear in Gear races since the beginning as a volunteer.  As the organization grew, Christie was offered to work for the  Colon Cancer Coalition. She was hired to help with office management and in late 2010, she took on more duties with the growing number of races and became an event manager extraordinaire. When she’s not planning events, Christie can be found running with friends, walking her dog, traveling and enjoying being a mom to 4 daughters. Email Christie

Erin Peterson | director of mission & partnerships
Erin joined the Colon Cancer Coalition in early 2011 after ten years in a Minneapolis-based marketing and public relations agency. Her background includes event marketing, sponsorships, promotion, and media relations for both consumer brands and non-profit organizations. At the Coalition, Erin has developed a passion for colorectal cancer prevention and screening, focusing on health disparities and early-onset colorectal cancer. She also sits on the steering committee for the Minnesota Cancer Alliance. Outside of the office, Erin can be found with her two teenagers watching soccer, baseball, softball, and dance, or enjoying the Minnesota summers on the lake, and exploring new corners of the globe. Email Erin

Kate Krebs | director of marketing
Kate has worked for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations for over 15 years. Her direct experience with marketing, communications, brand management, and design help her to successfully maintain the overall “look” of the organization as well as develop and implement compelling promotional designs for event managers. Kate has experience with both domestic and international nonprofit organizations. When she’s not in front of the computer, Kate can be found running around Lake Harriet, in front of a stove (she loves to cook), or racing to keep up with her three young sons. Email Kate

Mariah Kerr| event manager & project specialist
Mariah joined the Colon Cancer Coalition early spring of 2017. She found her passion throughout her studies and as an intern with many non-profit organizations, leading her into a career that will make a difference. Mariah is a graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato with a degree in Sports Management. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, working out, and trying new foods. Email Mariah

Rachel Lee | events manager & program specialist
Rachel found her passion for non-profit work while teaching in South Korea. She began working with the Colon Cancer Coalition in 2016 as an intern and joined the event team a few months later. With a strong interest in travel and meeting new people, Rachel is thrilled to have found a career that allows her to do both. In her spare time, Rachel can be found renovating her house, planning her next road trip, reading a cookbook, running, eating, or cooking for friends and family. Email Rachel

Stacy Zwerdling | senior event & community engagement manager
Stacy got involved in nonprofit work after planning a fundraising event for another organization. With this experience, Stacy found a strong desire to work for a nonprofit in the area of events. She brings her volunteer event planning experience to her to her job overseeing and assisting volunteer Get Your Rear in Gear event directors. “Knowing what a local event organizer experiences during the planning process, makes me excited to assist them carry out the best event possible,” she says. Stacy also enjoys time with her family, her two boys, volunteering with Bowling for Brains, and spending as much time as possible at the family cabin. Email Stacy

Tessa Rittberg | content marketing & brand manager
Tessa joined the Colon Cancer Coalition in early 2015, after finding her calling to the non-profit world. Minnesota born and raised, Tessa is thrilled to have found such a passionate group of people who are determined to make a positive change in the world. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the depths of Netflix, playing with her pets, and working on projects in her home. Email Tessa

Sarah DeBord | forever our north star
A California girl at heart, Sarah spent 8 years working in Hollywood as a location manager for film shoots. After a stint as a stay-at-home-mom, she went back to work and bringing with her a passion for the cause after her own stage IV colon cancer diagnosis in 2011. When not out redefining people’s perceptions about colon cancer, Sarah could be found hanging out with her 2 boys, and looking at the extended forecast in hopes that flip flop weather was on the radar. Sarah departed this world on July 22, 2020, after an 8.5 year battle with metastatic colorectal cancer. She endured over 170 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. She dedicated 5.5 years of her life to educating others about the disease that would ultimately take her life so that other young parents would endure the same fate. She is dearly missed.

Lulu | internal affairs consultant
Lulu works as a freelance purebred consultant, usually coming in when she feels like we need the judgement of her Ed Asner-like eyebrows and forehead. When she does grace us with her presence, she obsesses about the whereabouts of her mom Christie, and is only interested in you if you have treats. Otherwise, please don’t touch her, look at her, or really just get anywhere near her.

Wally | spirit animal
Though he primarily works from home, he does grace the office with his talent and leadership on occasion. Always in need of trim around the eyes and a deep condition, Wally has risen above his days as a rescue, and enjoys the constant demand for his love and loyalty during our Monday morning staff meetings.

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