Every Dollar Counts. Pennies Too.

Are you participating in a Get Your Rear in Gear Run/Walk? Your fundraising efforts will go a long way to providing colon cancer education, prevention, and patient support programs in your area. The money that you raise to support your local Get Your Rear in Gear® event stays in the community where it is raised to help increase screening rates, raise awareness, and support patients battling colon cancer.

It’s easy to be a make and impact.

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Money raised has a real impact on local lives.

Community Grants

Badges |  marking your achievements in your fundraising dashboard.

How many can you earn?

Team Captain TEAM CAPTAIN. Awesome! Thanks for taking on the responsibility of being a people herder.

Personal Donation PERSONAL DONATION. Thank you for being a leader and making a donation towards your fundraising goal.

Survivor SURVIVOR. Celebrating you, no matter where you are on the cancer journey. From the moment you hear “you have cancer” we consider you a survivor.

Storyteller STORYTELLER. You updated your personal page! Thanks for sharing your story or photo.

Super Star SUPER STAR! Wow! You have gone above and beyond the call of duty, raising at least $15,000! Can we clone you?

Trophy Worthy TROPHY WORTHY! This isn’t your average participation trophy! You raised at least $10,000 for the cause!

Medallion Level MEDALLION LEVEL! Way to level up! You’ve raised at least $5,000 to stop colon cancer in your community!

Gold Star GOLD STAR! You deserve a gold star! $2,500 will do a lot to raise awareness in your community.

Silver Star SILVER STAR! Silver: a soft, white medal, or someone who has raised at least $1,000 to stop colon cancer.

Bronze Star BRONZE STAR! Woah! On your way! You’ve raised at least $500 for the cause.

One to watch ONE TO WATCH. Keep going! $250 raised to help stop colon cancer.

Steady Climber STEADY CLIMBER. You’re on your way! $100 raised to bring change to your community.

Getting Started GETTING STARTED. That was easy! You raised at least $50 towards your goal. Keep going!