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    2950 Xenium Ln N, STE 102,
    Minneapolis, MN 55441

    Phone: 952-378-1237

    Tax Identification:

    Executive & Finance

    Chris Evans
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    Amy Swady
      Email Amy

    Nicole Nordos
    admin coordinator
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    Jackie Evans
    director of national events
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    Stacy Zwerdling
    sr. event and community engagement manager
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    Hannah Hendricks
    event manager
      Email Hannah

    Mariah Kerr
    event manager
      Email Mariah

    Amanda Schulman
    event manager
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    Emily Dzieweczynski
    event manager
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    Lauren Burke
    event manager
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    Mission & Marketing

    Erin Peterson
    sr.  director of mission & partnerships
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    Tessa Rittberg
    director of marketing & communications
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    Sagar Barad
    digital communications strategist
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    Cadence Paramore
    social media & content writer
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    Spencer Donkers
    graphic & visual designer
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