Invite Your Community to “Go Blue” for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

This year Fight Colorectal Cancer and the Colon Cancer Coalition invite you to GO BLUE in March.

Engage civic and business leaders to light landmarks blue or promote colorectal cancer awareness messages and activities.

Due to COVID-19, the number of colonoscopies declined nearly 90% by mid-April 2020 compared to the same period the previous year. 1.7 million Americans missed their colonoscopy, and 18,800 colorectal cancer diagnoses have been delayed or missed all together. Help us sound the alarm and raise awareness about this important life-saving measure.

What can you do?

Blue lights in Houston TX 20191. Request a state-wide proclamation using Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Blue Star State Tutorial.

2. Invite local landmarks, health care systems, and other local establishments to “go blue” March 5-12, 2021 (or any time in March that works for them).

3. Request a Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month proclamation from your city’s mayor.

4. Watch the #BlueForCRC training webinar below to get all the tips and tricks from volunteers who have made these things happen in their communities.

Download Community Toolkit  Download Health Care Toolkit





(include photo if possible)

  1. 1 in 24 Americans will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in their lifetime. Thank you [tagged landmark or city] for going BLUE to support patients and survivors during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. #BlueForCRC #RelentlessChampions #colorectalcancer @gyrig @fightcrc
  2. For Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, I’m excited that [tagged landmark or city] is going BLUE to help raise awareness and encourage life-saving screenings for colon and rectal cancer. #BlueForCRC  #RelentlessChampions #colorectalcancer @gyrig @fightcrc
  3. Due to COVID-19, colonoscopy screening for #coloncancer declined nearly 90%. Join me to go #BlueForCRC to raise awareness and encourage preventative screenings. @gyrig @fightcrc

Use #BlueForCRC in all your CRC Awareness posts in March. And add a state-specific hashtag to find others raising awareness in your state.
State-specific hashtags are the postal abbreviation for your state  or territory, with CRC. For example: #TXCRC, #DCCRC, or #PACRC.

Informational resources available

Share with your family and friends, at places of worship, health fairs, and public events.
Talk about the importance of life-saving colon and rectal cancer screening.

Easy to read, easy to share, and available in multiple languages.

Order your materials today!


From volunteer Allison Rosen

  1. Allison Rosen at #BlueforCRC press conference in HoustonStart early, it is hard to get people to commit at the last minute.
  2. If you see a building that was another color (like pink for breast cancer awareness) it has the potential to turn blue.
  3. No place is too small, if a bank or other business is blue, call them. The more buildings and landmarks the better.
  4. If a company, medical center, or business doesn’t have lights ask if they would be willing to wear blue on a certain date and post to social using #BlueforCRC to create social media buzz.
  5. Share the unified messaging and ask those participating to tweet, share it on social. They like it when they are given exactly what to say.
  6. PERSONALIZE EVERYTHING! In every email and phone call include your personal connection to the
    colorectal cancer, as a patient, survivor, or caregiver. Make it really hard to say ‘No’!

See all of Allison’s tips in the #BlueForCRC Community Toolkit.

Thank you for your partnership!

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@ARosen380 showing off her #BlueForCRC buildings last year! Check out or for more info #CRCAdvocacy @FightCRC @GYRIG
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.@ARosen380 is a ROCKSTAR when it comes to #ColorectalCancer awareness! Check out the landmarks that she has turned BLUE in March! #BlueForCRC Learn more about how to turn your city blue with @GYRIG:
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